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    i'm chelsea. 23 year old desert rat.
    i post shiny things, cool art, sex, poetry, hot guys, hot girls
    and lots of other stuff that tickles my fancy.
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  • i want to have so much sex right now, like all night, and then fall asleep for a few hours and then wake up in the morning and have sleepy sex, and then fall asleep again and then have breakfast and then have sex again, and then watch movies naked all day under a blanket and have sex throughout the day and then do it all over again

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  • the only relationship i believe in anymore is cory and topanga

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  • when someone says “marry christmas”

    no thank you christmas is great and all but i don’t think we’d be a compatible couple

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  • whenever i look and see that i have x amount of followers i feel like a cult leader and every time i get a new follower i’m like ‘yes YES follow me’ in plankton’s voice in my head

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